What We Believe

The TRG Foundation seeks to focus its grants, gifts, and philanthropic activities toward charitable endeavors that embody the value and interests of the Tenenbaum family.


Planting a treeAlthough modest in size, the Foundation always strives to achive maximum impact with their donations and seeks out worthwhile causes to work with.





Serving Central Arkansas and Beyond

AR StatehouseTenenbaum family members experience joy and satisfaction in their charitable giving (gifts of both time and money). This may come from hands-on involvement, the reward of seeing first-hand the benefit of the gift, or from the expression of gratitude.

The TRG Foundation believes strongly that its charitable resources should be focused in Central Arkansas. Its philosophy is that helping the local community should be its primary objective because "charity begins at home" and successful local action will have broader impact. The Little Rock community has enabled the Tenenbaum Recycling Group, LLC to thrive and flourish, and it is vital to give back and express the family's gratitude.

The Tenenbaum family may selectively include personal involvement as a component of their gifts. Priority is given to philanthropic activities and organizations that will enhance the family's philanthropic experience.

Because of the personal satisfaction philanthropy has given the Tenenbaum family; it wishes to encourage others to experience this satisfaction and to promote the spirit of volunteerism. Accordingly, consideration is given to programs and organizations that actively and creatively encourage individuals to get personally involved in philanthropic service.